A brief summary of technical skills: planning developments, development estimates, technical specifications, development and development support, team leading, mediator for over-seas teams (experience with India & China), technical training, all-round goal keeper on a production system’s technical issues. Wim is also the soul author of www.AbapcadabrA.com, an information pit on Abap matters.

In more detail: The ABAP/4 programming language (inside and out) with it’s BAPI’s, transaction building and interactive reporting, ABAP Objects and ALV. Workflow development and the workflow builder, Business Objects, Organization and Staffing. Pinpoint problems with workflows on a live-system, creating and maintaining a stable workflow environment. Also tutoring the project team what can be done with Workflow and how it should be used. 

A more complete overview of Wim’s SAP knowledge is demonstrated in a technical manual “Abapcadabra” that he has written (is writing). Check out www.AbapcadabrA.com (since October 2012 available as Joomla CMS setup). 

Programming: ABAP/4, ABAP/4 Objects, Cobol, C, C++, Unix scripts, SQL, MySql, HTML, DHTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, JSON, jQuery, Ajax and Joomla!. 

Wim Maasdam has been technical consultant in SAP covering SAP development and other SAP technical areas over a wide variety of projects since 1993. He started his SAP career with BSO (now Atos Origin) in the Netherlands, and also worked/lived in England for 4 years. A brief summary of his whereabouts...

After finishing a 4 year full time professional degree study in computer science (in 4.5 years) at the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Electrical Engineering/Electronics in Utrecht in 1992, Wim was introduced to SAP via BSO (now Atos-Origin) in 1993. This was a common setup at the time: to introduce new employees to SAP, a series of Abap courses was done after which the consultant would do  Abap work at(for) the customer. After a while the consultant would have had the chance to look around and see which functional areas SAP has to offer. After choosing an area, a new series of (functional) courses would follow. The functional area that most appealed to Wim was the PM module (Plant Maintenance), for which the courses were completed. PM is used to maintain plants, KLM uses it to overhaul engines and Shell uses it to plant the maintenance of anything that requires maintenance on an oil platform. All in all the PM module is not very commonly used which strongly dictates traveling distance. Choosing SAP''s PM module was really "the next best thing" to choosing Abap technical consultancy. Nearly 20 years later, the choice has proven to be the right one - for Wim. 

Wim has participated in a happy mix of short and long projects, with IBM as "Nr 1. customer" (over 6 years all together), and he has seen and participated in a wide range of project approaches, seen many pitfalls as well as solid solutions. Since the beginning of 2012, the project opportunities shifted from blue chip to smaller companies, leading to more all-round roles. His development experience allows him to find and implement the best solutions to nearly any SAP R/3 related (technical) issue. Solutions are best kept simple and clear, as well as reusable, in which ABAP Objects has proven to be a great improvement in ABAP developing. Wim can promote solutions and overall approaches for the good of the project, as well as explain them in detail without sinking into technical jargon. Improvement opportunities are spotted and promoted which can lead to great benefits for the project. His English is flawless and his personality allows him to easily fit in any environment. Wim is not just an ABAP developer, he is an senior all-round technical SAP consultant. 

You have reached the brochure website promoting the main business of BV TallVision IT, a one-man company which offers its services as technical IT consultant in SAP at the customer site.

Wim Maasdam has been technical consultant in SAP covering SAP development and other SAP technical areas over a wide variety of projects since 1993. He started his SAP career with BSO (now Atos Origin) in the Netherlands and also worked/lived in England (Midlands and West London) for 4 years.

His major strength is the technical side of SAP, covering ABAP, ABAP Objects (Object Oriented programming in ABAP), Workflow, Idoc''s (customizing as well as inbound or outbound processing modules). But also eCatt (extended computer aided test tool), LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench) for data migrations. The main modules that were involved in previous implementations were SD/MM, QM, FI/CO, PM.